How our story started

the hub was founded in 2002 by four entrepreneurial music professionals. We each edit my paper here had different skills and experience, but were united by a passion for (connecting people with) great music and testing new ways of working, and a desire to strengthen the independent music sector we’d grown up in. So, we set up a social enterprise – using earned income from commercial contracts to part-subsidise our ‘hub lab’ where we could ‘scratch our creative itches’, do the development work we really cared about and produce events or tours that excited us.

Who we are, and what we do

Some 11 years on, some of the faces have changed, but every ‘hubster’ has that same passion and desire. We all want to apply what we know to making things better – that’s why we’re part of the hub team. We’re not consultants whose last encounter with the real world was when Now That’s What I Call Music was only 14 (it’s now reached the ripe old age of 86!). We’re all still active in the industry, so we not only know the landscape, we know our stuff as well.

Since those early days, we’ve worked with all sorts of people – from world-renowned organisations such as the BBC, Musicians’ Union, AIM and PRS for Music Foundation to venues up and down the country, individual artists, promoters and small labels.

Our ethos

We love working with people and businesses to help them develop new skills, work smarter and be more savvy. the hub gives people the kinds of support they want: industry-specific advice, ideas and information that can be put into practice straight away and plenty of opportunities for developing new ideas, debate, questions and networking (you can read more about it in free assignments ) .

It’s this ethos that underpins everything we do, including Joining the Dots, the latest project to come out of our hub lab. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to deliver what we hope will be a really useful project for people who – like us – work in, and love, independent music.

If you’d like to know more about us, visit our main site.