Technology’s revolutionising how people consume, discover and share music. The Facebook “like” button is perhaps replacing the lapel badge – or at least giving it a run for its money. But if the majority of us can’t properly monetise content alone, we need to find new ways of driving (more) online consumers to the live experience, so we can increase the revenues we make from gigs.

What are the new ‘clicks and mortar’ models? How can we better use digital technology to encourage people to go to gigs, or to spend more on merchandise or something else? What might that something else be? These are some of the questions we hope Joining the Dots will help people answer. If we’d launched a few years ago, we might have been talking about people buying a live download of the gig as they left the building, but what’s the answer now?

Joining the Dots wants to help people working in independent music to test new ways of using technology to develop new or larger income streams around gigs. Ideas that might be part of the answer in the future. More details on why we think this is important and examples of people already pioneering in this area in this blog.